11 Gedanken zu “People matching artworks

  1. Your photographs, both the idea and the composition are imaginative art of the highest order.
    Do you have a compilation book of your work?
    Thank you for the gift of your art and your time.
    Sorry, mien Deutsch is virtually nonexistent.


  2. I saw one of your photos of “people matching artwork” on Facebook that the person in one of the photoS looks very much like my husband. But when I look at your photos in tumblr that photo is not included. I am talking about the photo where the man is wearing blue jeans and a lighter blue shirt looking at a photo that is shades of blue, lighter on top and darker on the bottom. I was wondering where and when that photo was taken. It would be an amazing find it it is actually him. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!

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  3. IMG_6439.JPG Taken at the Parrish Museum in Southampton, NY last Friday. My boyfriend took of me. We were there with our dear friend Nd famous photographer Susan Wood. She loved it

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