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  1. hallo Stefan Drachan, is it possible if I could use your photography as inspiration for one of my photography classes in school? I really like the way you use colors and patterns!:) I especially like your „people looking at artwork“ photography.
    Could I maybe ask you, what you wanna show in these pictures? If there is a message or a story? and also what inspires you to create?

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    1. Dear Anna, but of course! What kind of school / class are you in? (It’s great that you have photography classes – wish had that too back in Austria). Thanks, you are almost the the first person ever ask about this series! Are you teacher or a student? I just added 2 videos and will gettoyour questions until tomorrow! Best from Berlin, Stefan


      1. Dear Stefan Draschan
        I am in my second year of high school, and i chose photography and i love it!:) i am a student that really wants to learn about different styles:)


    2. Dear Anna, i’m not only interested in my own view of art, but in that of many, as i’m part of the world community i want to see how others see, i want to or intend to learn of the views of others. (I always watched and studied the reactions of people on my photography on Social Media and in exhibitions, glad fully they were very very positive what makes me happy). As you can see i have 2 videos with guys looking on artworks for more than 5 minutes (i could not hold the camera longer), i saw one guy looking on CD Friedrich for more 25 minutes (i took photographs all 5 minutes of him) and i’m fascinated by that. I myself can stare on a few artworks for hours, f.e. Caravaggio’s „Madonna del Rosario“ in the KHM Vienna (many times up to 20 minutes) or Caravaggio’s „The Seven Works of Mercy“ in Pio Monte della Misericordia / Naples, i was twice there (2017, 2020) and looked on it for more than 1 hour each time, it was a pleasure for my eyes which i otherwise just know from nature (i suffer a lot on looking on the damaged nature due to climate change), The second time, there was also a couple looking on it’s magic for more than 20 minutes and returning to it after 1 hour for another 5 minutes. This made me happy that i’m not alone with my behaviour, that i share that begahiour with others in the universe. And when i look on the „The Seven Works of Mercy“ i feel like belonging to the cosmos, to fly from star to star, for all times… Creativity itself is just a pleasure i discovered late in life, in my 30s..(i always thought before what can i add to this world what hasn’t been there already, i studied history and was a DJ, had a café and was a journalist and a teacher of language)..now, during Corona crisis and Climate Change, on top of all problems that exist in this world which consists a lot on unfairness, i can escape from all this when i get in the creative mode. It feels great in the sense of wholeness. I don’t steal, i don’t trick, i don’t hurt other people (there are a few people who discovered themselves and their reaction was never negative / in „People sleeping in museums‘ where i thought someone could get angry no one ever reacted at all), i show the connectedness of things and in all my series there is a message, direct or hidden…it can also be a critic. „Bicycle Culture“ i take the position of cruel pleasure hunters of animals like Donald Trump Jr. and change the position as a vulnerable bicyclist who hurts the cars and not the other way round plus the danger cars are doing to the wholeness of like in many senses (loudness, smell, pollution, space, resources, danger…) – That’s it for the moment, I hope that helps you a bit for understanding my way of seeing! and i have the same sensitivity and observation for smells (f.e. linden blossom i’d like to smell for hundreds of years), sound, touch (the softness of water in various regions), taste, discovering others/human life through reading…


      1. Thank you very much for the answer!!! It’s really amazing how you are so dedicated and interested in your work, i myself just went to the museum and could look at the art for hours:)


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